Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's Make A Deal!

As I mentioned before, my children were not at all too excited about being home-schooled. Although no other option was left to them, I promised them that I would do my best to create the most educating and fun environment that I possibly can. And I testify that creating this type of environment was one of the most challenging tasks that I ever took on.

As we near the three year anniversary of home schooling, the task of creating a fun and educating atmosphere is still thought provoking and time consuming. The biggest challenge is brain storming in order to come up with ideas that everyone is happy with. Being that my children's ages range from 4 to 14, sometimes it feels like my ability to come up with new ideas was slowly coming to an end. After almost 3yrs of mind stimulating creativity, things were beginning to become a bit dull; one of the other reasons that I created this blog.

I know that I am not alone with trying to bring forth new ideas and activities so I wanted to create this blog and post on other blogs in hopes that parents will share ideas! So here is an idea that I would like to share. By the way, all the ideas that I will be sharing are not all mine but will come from different sources and resources.

Making learning FUN AND YUMMY!

Okay, let me first say that Jeremiah is not the only child that is home schooled. (there will be more pictures to come to show the rest of the crew) However, for this post I remembered Jeremiah completing a Science experiment that taught him about the Scientific Method.

Using two Popsicles, two paper plates and a ray of sunshine, Jeremiah conducted his experiment. First, he decided on his hypothesis and guessed that the Popsicle in the sun would melt quicker than the one in the shade. Over a period of about 45 minutes, he recorded data every 15 minutes(by simply drawing what the condition the Popsicles were in) in order to test his hypothesis. Afterwards, he recorded his findings.

He was so excited and he learned a great deal about the Scientific Method! Afterwards, we enjoyed some delicious Popsicles to celebrate.

What are some ideas that you have come up with to make Learning Fun?
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